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Crafty+ Vaporizer Review

Crafty+ In Depth Product Review

The Crafty+ is a really small and portable handheld vaporizer. The Crafty+ gets its heat from a mixture of convection and conduction vapor. The Crafty+ is made by the same legendary manufacturer that made the Volcano, Storz and Bickel. If you are looking for a pure vaporizer experience, then this one will make you pretty happy. The Crafty+ comes in a way smaller box than the regular Crafty. In the box comes the vaporizer itself, a micro-USB charging cable, dosing capsule, basic instruction manual, 2 drip pads, 3 o-rings and replacement screens.


Learn About the Crafty+

The exterior of the Crafty+ is constructed almost entirely from plastic. It feels super high quality, it doesn’t get hot and doesn’t give off any flavor whatsoever. Storz & Bickel really put thought and effort into selecting their materials. The Crafty+ has a cooling unit made from something called PEEK which is used in medical implants.The Crafty and the Crafty+ are almost identical. You can see they're virtually the same height and dimensions. The Crafty+ is not as squared off in the center section, it's rounded off. You have separation between the two chambers and it makes it easier to hold when you're out and about taking this one on-the-go with you. It's not a huge vape measuring 4.3 inches tall, 2.2 inches wide and 1.3 inches deep.A nice bonus is that every accessory that works on the Crafty, works on the Crafty+. At the bottom of the vape we're gonna see the single button that controls everything. The LED lights on one side and on the other side is the filling chamber tool. If your device is completely dead it is going to take a couple hours to charge depending on what you have it plugged into. When it has a base level charge then you can use it when it's plugged in. When you plug this one in, to charge it you're gonna see the LEDs change all of their colors and then it will start blinking blue when it's charging. The Crafty+ will start blinking slower until it's fully charged and then it'll just stay blue. If you want you can also monitor this in the app. Storz & Bickel made this battery 20% more efficient in this same size compared to the original Crafty. You're going to get better battery life from the Crafty+. 

During our testing, we got 4 complete bowls out of a full battery charge. That's 2 sessions per bowl and on that second session set it to the booster temperature and oftentimes up to the very max temperature. For a travel vaporizer of this size it has a pretty decent battery life. The heat up time has been improved on the Crafty+ as well. The Crafty+ has a faster heat up time at around sixty seconds to come to temperature. It has a nice loud vibration so you won’t forget when it's time to session. 



The app on this vaporizer is not required to operate but it enhances the function of the vaporizer. If you plan on using your vaporizer with the app, then for the first setting you want to turn on the Bluetooth permanently on the vaporizer itself. If you don't turn this on, it will have a harder time connecting, and you will not be able to check the battery when the device is turned off. Within the settings panel you can turn on the vibration, turn on the charging indicator, and turn on the bluetooth.

You can adjust the LED brightness and automatic shut off time between 1 and 5 minutes. The Storz & Bickel App is currently not available on the iOS Apple app store, only the Android app store. However, the settings on the Crafty+ can be adjusted through the WebApp.

Crafty+ Features

When you go into the Crafty+ tab you will see the device info. It shows the total operation run time like an odometer, the firmware version and a Find My Crafty+ function. To activate, hit the Find My Crafty+ tab. This will make the Crafty+ vibrate and the lights will start to blink in case you have it set down or lost in your couch. We would all love to see a handy feature like this on more vaporizers. Next in the temperature tab you can set the base temperature level and booster temperature of the vaporizer. When you click that first button it will turn on to that base temperature.

We set the booster temperature to +25 degrees and the base level set to 365. To turn it on, press the button so it goes to go up to 365 and then double-click it for that booster temperature and it will boost up to 394. This is an initial setup app, just set the boost temperature once and you don't have to set up all the other controls. The Crafty+ is really easy to use even without setting it up on the app, just use the buttons on the vape itself.


How To Use Crafty+

To heat the vaporizer up to that base temperature, press that button one time. The red lights will turn on to let you know that it's warming up to that initial temperature. If you want to go to booster temperature, double click it and it will heat it up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. To go to the very highest temperature, hit it 3 times and the lights will start to illuminate faster. It will heat up to the maximum temperature 410 Fahrenheit. We really like the dosing capsules because they keep everything clean. It does not impact the flavor or the harshness or anything like that. If you're considering the dosing capsules, you're really gonna like them. Testing out the device with the herb we noticed an instant vapor that tastes super terpy like pure terps. 

Vapor Performance 

The Crafty+ really pumps out vapor. The light then turns red to let you know that the heater has dropped down below the temperature. Use that as a guide on how long and how hard to inhale. We got exceptional good flavor with thick dense vapor. Once you are done, turn it off and hit it one more time. This will extract a little bit of that heat from the load and it won’t use up the vapor in between sessions. Vapor quality is one of the reasons that people love Storz and Bickel products. We are happy to say the Crafty+ did not disappoint in that regard. The vapor output is tasty, smooth and there's plenty of it. 

The taste itself is super pure on this vaporizer. The first few hits that you get out of your session have incredibly good flavor. Of course as you go through your session the taste is going to dissipate somewhat but those initial hits that you're getting are exceptionally good flavor. The vapor production is very very good and right off the top it has quite low draw restriction. The cooling unit in this vaporizer really does make a difference because it helps make it cooler and less harsh. Keep in mind the volume and just the richness of the vapor that you will be inhaling in. For pure convenience it gets very high marks. The Crafty+ is a really easy vaporizer to use. You can get two good sessions out of that same load so that's pretty good.

Cleaning The Crafty+

Finally for the cleaning and maintenance you can take this whole cooling unit fully apart and clean each component on its own. Change the screens, change the o-rings out but you don't have to. If you're a little bit lazy in the cleaning department, all you do is take off the top part and put in a baggie of isopropyl alcohol. Shake it up for no longer than 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Don't soak plastic and alcohol. Do a really good rinse under tap so no alcohol remains on it whatsoever. Then dry it in front of a fan and it will be totally clean and good-to-go. 


The strong points that we love about the Crafty+ is the vapor quantity and quality. There are more portable options but they do not have the vapor quality that you get in this vape. Big terpy smooth hits that the Crafty+ produces are a big asset. We love getting four complete bowls regardless of what temperature it is at. The increased battery life helps your confidence when choosing this one for your travel vape. Finally it's just really good airflow, the ease of use with this vaporizer, and then it just couldn't be more easy to operate a single button operation. You really don't even need to use the app if you don't want to. It will still work without the app and that's all you really need to do. You get those really good results with very little effort.

Crafty+ is a killer choice for anybody looking for a pocket friendly travel vaporizer that will not compromise vapor quality. This is more of a generational upgrade than a revolutionary new take on the Crafty. If you're just judging the vaporizer for what it is and what it does it's going to be a really good choice for a lot of people that are looking for that really nice vapor quality in a portable vape. USB-C charging and a super fast heat up time would make this an out-of-the park winner but overall I'm definitely going to be choosing this one in the future as I'm a huge fan of the vapor that it produces in quantity, quality, portable size and the battery life. The amount of bowls you're gonna get per charge makes it an easy choice for an on-the-go vape.