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Dr. Dabber Stella review

7 Features You’ll Love About The Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Stella is a premium dab vape pen under $100. Stella has a low-key design and top-shelf performance. It delivers cool and tasty vapors at any temperature settings. Stella was created with the vision of ‘Less Heat More Flavor’ and it is one of the best vape pens of 2020. 


1. Dynamic Vapor

Cutting-edge cyclone airflow allows for quality flavor and vapor production. The mouthpiece features a unique built-in vortex-like airflow functionality that cools down the vapor, and optimizes the flavor. The silicone filter and airflow regulator promote vapor production while reducing splashing.

2. Advanced Heating

The heat settings on the Stella were carefully modified based on customer feedback, selected by vape experts and designed to perform exceptionally with a wide variety of oils, including CBD. Dr. Dabber Stella gets to the temperature pretty quickly and the variable voltage is based on the desired temperature of the atomizer. The Stella has 3 calibrated heat settings along with a pre-heat setting ranging from 460℉ to 775℉. Green is the lowest temperature level at 550℉, Cyan at 630℉, and Red at 775℉. 

3. Functionality 

Stella is manufactured with medical and food grade materials. Stella’s atomizer comes with a built-in ceramic “floating coil” design that reduces heat transfer to the rest of the body of the pen. The Stella dab pen is capable of heating up quickly and evenly while the body maintains cool. 

4.  Ease of Use

Make sure your battery is fully charged for best results. The Stella has a magnetic cap and a good sized atomizer. Load your favorite oils and turn on your Stella with 5 rapid clicks of the power button. You can operate the Stella with one button to turn it on, or off and cycle through different temperature presets.

5. Long-Lasting Battery

The powerful 600mAh battery offers overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, over-voltage protection and makes your coil last longer. The Stella features pass-through charging, it permits the user to use the Stella while it is charging. Stella's battery lasts a long time and charges rapidly. (USB-C Charging) The battery uses Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR) technology so the voltage may adjust based on the designed temperature of the heating coil. The voltage adjusts based on the desired temperature of the heating element to avoid dry or burnt hits. TCR helps preservation of the coil, wick life, extended battery capacity, and overall consistency. Most vaporizers have a constant stream of power to the coil, but the Dr. Dabber Stella battery automatically adjusts to make sure that the coil stays in the precise temperature. This will prevent the device from getting too hot and overheating your oils.

6. Haptic Feedback

The haptic feedback is a cool responsive addition because no other pen vaporizer has this feature. Stella notifies you by vibrating when it reaches the set temperature. This useful feature helps you get a consistent taste on any temperature setting by letting you know when it’s ready.


7. Improved Flavor Quality

The Stella is a connoisseur taste pen. The preset heat settings are dialed in by Dr. Dabber experts to vaporize with various consistency waxy oil concentrates. The Illumina Ceramica makes a noticeable difference in the taste. The Stella doesn't overheat your oils and the flavor is pretty good on all the modes.

Cleaning & Maintenance

First clean all connection points between the atomizer and the battery with a cotton swab and ISO (91% or higher) alcohol. Clean out any residue from the airflow holes on the atomizer. Then take the mouthpiece off the atomizer and push the dab tool through the mouthpiece to remove the built-in silicone filter/airflow regulator. Pour some ISO into a small glass. Now, you can drop your mouthpiece and airflow regulator into the ISO, ensuring they are completely submerged. Leave it in ISO for no more than 10-15 minutes. Next, heat the atomizer up for about 4 seconds, and use a dry q-tip to soak up any residue. Use a q-tip dipped in ISO to remove any stubborn residue on the bottom and side walls of the atomizer. Next, gently clean the bottom heating plate and dry heat the atomizer for another 4-5 seconds to evaporate any remaining ISO. Then, air dry completely for 10-15 minutes. 

Reassemble the airflow regulator, mouthpiece and attachment to the atomizer. Now, just dry heat the atomizer for 1-3 seconds before loading up again. Do not leave the airflow regulator and atomizers in alcohol over the recommended time frame because it may damage the finish on these parts. Do not rinse atomizers in water and make sure they are completely dry of alcohol before use.



In conclusion, we recommend the Stella because of the maximum flavor from the smart heating algorithm that doesn’t overheat your oils. Overall, the Stella delivers on optimal flavor and top-shelf performance. Our favorite setting was the Green level, what about you?