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Firefly 2 + Product Review

Firefly 2+ Product Review

For those looking for a quality vape, the Firefly 2+ is often that gets thrown around as a suggestion. While the old Firefly 2 was well-received, the re-release and the upgrade to the 2+ was something that was met with some consternation in the vaping community. I had the chance to finally pick one of these up and try it for myself, and I have to say that I was suitably impressed.

Let me take a look at what the Firefly 2+ was able to do for me. Was it the right investment for me? And, more importantly, would it be the right investment for you?


Getting Started

So, the first thing I noticed with the Firefly 2+ was that it was very easy to get started. The convection heating system means that whatever you are putting into this should heat up in a few seconds – heating speeds are absolutely rapid. Getting your herbs packed into the vape is pretty easy, too – load the chamber where you put the goods into, and then you can simply fire it up.

I would say, though, that you should be prepared to stir your herbs once they are beginning to vaporize. This helps to keep the session lasting longer, and the taste nice and refreshing.


Firefly 2+ may be the best portable vaporizer of 2020 

Using the Firefly2+

Much like its predecessor, I heartily recommend that you get used to taking long, slow and steady draws. Consistency is key with the Firefly 2+, otherwise you just risk wasting some of that herb that you have loaded in. A good Draw time is about 10-12 seconds. 

When you are using the 2+, I recommend that you take the time to mess around with the temperature settings. This comes with a smartphone app that you install, with all of the presets that it provides you with being suitable for use with concentrates as well.
We recommend that you take the time to look through each of the settings. If you press the sensor buttons on the 2+, you can cycle through the heating presets without having to go and install the app. That was really useful for me – fiddling around with an app mid-session is not something I want to have to do all the time. Once you find that sweet spot you can keep the settings intact for future use.


The app itself though is nice and easy to use, and I do recommend installing it.


Quality of Life

So, the first thing that I want to note is that this produces some of the best vapor quality I have ever come across. It’s smooth, it allows for the taste to linger, and it always lets you really feel the potency of your flower. It’s great with both herb and concentrate, and so long as you get the temperature right you can easily enjoy this with all of your favorite strains.

It’s well built, and it’s also got some nice improvements over the old Firefly 2. For one, it has better displays for stuff like temperature and battery life, so you don’t ever run out mid-session again. However, in terms of the actual strength of performance, it’s an improvement over the original 2.

The Verdict

Fun, easy to use, simple, and more or less exactly what you would expect from the name. It improves on the Firefly 2 in just about every way, albeit most of the changes are quite subtle and minimal.

However, if you are looking for a solid and reliable vape that can do the job that you want, then you should definitely take a look at the Firefly 2+.


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