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G Pen Connect Vaporizer Review

G Pen Connect In Depth Product Review

The G Pen Connect is a concentrate enail alternative and going retail for $149.95. It comes in this travel case that is made out of hemp. Inside we have a 14mm male glass attachment, the tank that houses the ceramic heating element, the magnetic battery with 3 variable voltage settings and there is also space for concentrates. The G Pen Connect has everything that you need to charge it plus a few extra o-rings. 

G Pen Connect

Learn About the G Pen Connect

When it comes to assembling your G Pen Connect we're going to twist the glass stem into the housing. Make sure that the tank is screwed tightly onto the housing before inserting it into the rig. Just open up the magnetic tank cap and load your dab. The G Pen Connect works great for all types of concentrates.

Make sure your battery is fully charged before you use it. Green means good to go. Connect the battery to the heating chamber and you'll notice that it's magnetic. Press the battery five times to turn it on and then three times to change the heat setting. Blue is the lowest, next is green and then red for the hottest temperature. Once you've selected your temperature, click the button two more times to activate it and the G on the screen will start blinking while it heats up. As that G turns to a solid color you are good to take a hit. Use the spring-loaded release button on the side of the tank as a carb cap for more airflow while you're taking your hit. 

G Pen Connect

The G Pen Connect can attach to any of your existing glass pieces. It comes in a case which is a nice addition. The case can hold your extract, the G Pen Connect and your charger. Once you open it up you'll see that it's made out of a nice matte black metal that is nice to the touch and heavy. When you're ready to go it has a magnetic connection and it secures pretty well. The G Pen Connect has a sweet ceramic heating element similar to a vape pen that you've used in the past. A ceramic heating element is the best way to taste flavor from your extract compared to quartz.

G Pen Connect Features

The G Pen Connect has a little G Signature button on the side that acts as a carb cap when you press it. You're giving yourself more airflow into the chamber without actually having to mess around with a carb cap. When you're ready to attach it to your bong or water pipe, it comes with a little adapter piece. It comes with a 14mm and a 18mm. When you're ready to go with that just push, screw it in and you're ready to go. You just slide it into your glass piece. We love how tiny it is and how well it works in any glass attachment. 

G Pen Connect

How To Use The G Pen Connect

Once you’re loaded up, put the magnetic cap back on. Press the button 5 times to turn it on and press it 3 times to choose a heat setting. Press it 2 times to start automatically heating it up and if you hold it, it will automatically heat up for 15 seconds while you are holding the button. There will be a flashing G, and once it’s a solid color then you are ready to go. The G Pen Connect looks like a vape pen but it rips like a bong. We love this little carb cap button on the side because it gives you that extra airflow.


The G Pen Connect heats up really fast in a matter of seconds. It looks as if it was just a vape pen when you look into the chamber but it is so much more. We highly recommend checking this thing out. You can either get superb flavor and light airy clouds on blue or you can just get ripped on red, take it to the whole 15 seconds, milk the entire bong up and just get blasted. We love how easy it is to use and you can take it apart in two seconds, slap it back in the case and you're just good to go. Now if you're in the market for an e-rig or maybe like a portable rig of some kind, the G Pen Connect is a good option for you.