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G Pen Dash review

G Pen Dash In Depth Product Review

G Pen has been dominating the market of vaporizer for quite some time and for good reasons also.
G Pen never compromises when it comes to the quality of the product they deliver. And traits like this have gotten them many great G Pen dash reviews or reviews on their other product.


G Pen: Grenco Science 

G Pen delivers absolute finesse to its customers with their vapes. So if you are a first-timer who wants to get their very first vaporizer or a veteran user looking for quality, G Pen is the most reliable way to go. The parent company of G Pen is a multi-million dollar company named Grenco Science. Through this company, G Pen donates a big portion of their profit to various charities and nonprofit organizations.


What is G Pen Dash?

G Pen is going through one of the busiest years in their selling history. They have released some spectacular products on the market, like the G Pen Roam or the G Pen Connect. G Pen Connect was the most selling vaporizer on the market in the year 2019. G Pen debuted their solid substance vaporizer, G Pen Roam in the year 2020 and it got an overwhelming amount of good reviews.

G Pen did not stop there. They announced their new G Pen Dash for dry herbs in the middle of 2020. They did not want their dry herb users to feel neglected in any way. The G Pen Dash is the new revolution in the vaping community. The G Pen is easy to use, affordable, and has a small, stealthy design. This vaporizer has all the things you can look for in a vaporizer. This bad boy comes with a one year warranty.

The G Pen Dash provides heat in the form of conduction. It heats up in 30 to 40 seconds and can supply heat from 190° to 220° C or 375° to 428° F. The battery is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and the capacity is 950 mAh. 



The G Pen Dash comes in a very nice circular matte black box, with the G Pen logo on the top and details of the product on the bottom. When you pop the top off, you will find a very small instruction manual. It is highly advised that you take the time to go through the manual before use.
Right away you can see a super simplistic device which looks like a big capsule of some sort. There is a poker inside the box also with a nice key chain attached to the back of it. You have no idea how many times a key chain will save you from losing this on a regular basis. It comes with an average charging cable ( micro USB to USB ) and an adapter.


This minimalistic vape is the size of your finger or even smaller for some people. There is a long and slim button on the front. The top part is removable. All you have to do is give it a pull and it comes off. It has a small dry herb chamber where you have to put your substance into. If you flip it over you can see a charging port on the bottom.


The G Pen Dash is made of strong and dense premium quality plastic. It is a very dense and tiny piece of gadget with little to no moving parts. Unless you are dropping it off a cliff or running a car over it, we don't see any other way you can just break this product whatsoever.

The whole interior of the vaporizer is made with solid stainless steel. So it is a very solid device with extreme durability. It went through some daunting durability tests before it went into mass production. G Pen Dash aced through all of the tests.


Power On

To turn on the G Pen Dash, you have to click the front button five times in a row. This will turn the power on and give a vibrating signal.

Heating Chamber

The heating chamber is made out of stainless steel to provide good heat conduction. Just like the device, the chamber is also very small and can hold up to half a gram of dry herb, which is more than enough for a first time user.

By looking at the size of the chamber, you will see it is small. It is convenient for using once you are on a short break in need of some relaxing time. This is not something you will be sharing with a lot of your friends at a party. It is more of a close and personal device.

The chamber inside has a concave side all around. So all you will be doing is putting the herb and gently pushing it in. There is no worry of spillage when it comes to this chamber.


Nothing can generate a premium feel more than magnets do. The chamber head of this G Pen Dash has a strong magnetic connection that closes very easily when you take it close to the body. The enclosure of the cap is tight and there will be no worries when it comes to putting the device upside down.


There are three heat settings on this vape. The color blue represents the lowest temperature produced. The green is medium heat and the red indicates the maximum heat generated. When you push the button 5 times it automatically turns on and starts showing a blue flashing light. This flashing light indicates that the device is being heated up.

Once it is heated the flashing will stop and show you a constant light on its body. Every time you want to increase the heat, all you have to do is tap on the button three times.



With the blue temperature setting, if you inhale on the mouthpiece, you will get almost little to no vapor but you are sure to get a ton of flavor from your herbs. The medium heat will get you more vapor with a consistent amount of flavor. If you crank it up to the highest settings, you can see a significant amount of vapor but nothing overwhelming for someone's first time.

Keep in mind that it is a dry herb vaporizer, so you will not be able to get cloud-like vapor you get from the other bong like vapes. When it comes to the flavor, it is simply unmatched. The amount of flavor you get from this vape is on level of its own.


 G Pen Dash is probably the smallest Dry herb vaporizer on the market which delivers a quality vaping experience. You can hold it inside your fist and no one can practically see it. That is how small the G Pen Dash is. It is highly portable and you just throw it inside of your pocket or bag. It takes almost no space and it is also a very lightweight device, considering how durable the device actually is. So undoubtedly this G Pen Product is the ultimate king of the Portable Vaporizers.


G Pen Dash delivers value and holds great features such as extreme portability, high flavor quality, three different temperature settings, and durability. G Pen Dash is user friendly, anyone from a first timer to a veteran can use this vape. This will give you amazing value and provide portability that everybody wants.