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G Pen roam review

G Pen Roam In Depth Product Review


G Pen provides the perfect combination of uncompromising functionality with a sleek and modern looking design. If you're willing to spend money on a vape, then you can get your hands on a G Pen vaporizer and be satisfied without a doubt.


G Pen Roam

In 2019, G Pen Connect was one of the top-selling vaporizers in the market. G Pen blew many competitors out of the water with their sleek and efficient design along with the ability to create massive vapor in G Pen Connect but they didn't stop there. 2020 is going to be an even bigger year for the company, as they debuted their new vaporizer, "G Pen Roam". This eye-catching vaporizer has so many functionalities that it is becoming an Icon amongst all in the vape community. This bad boy is fully portable with its own water filtration system and undoubtedly the best portable vaporizer on the market.

Just when everyone thought it couldn't get easier than G Pen Connect they proved us wrong with the introduction of the brand new G Pen Roam. G Pen Roam is for the people on-the-go or the people who just want to relax without the worry of the complicity provided by all the other vaporizers. If you are on the market for a promising device and vaporizer that screams top quality and style, then G Pen Roam is the way to go for you. 



When you first buy this product the company doesn't just give you a device. It gives you a whole G Pen experience with the kit they provide. The G Pen Roam comes with a travel case and it comes with everything you need to start dabbing. The travel case has a quality finish with a G logo in the middle. It is a zip-open bag with premium-grade zippers. After you first open the bag you'll see your G Pen Roam in a fixed station, it has two circular spaces made inside to stash your concentrates. You'll also find some q tips for the cleaning purpose, which is a really nice touch.



One of the G Pen Roams unique features is its self-contained water filtration system. Before the Roam came to the market with a bang, if you wanted a vaporizer with good water filtration, you had extra e-nails. Some of them have the water tube at the top, where some have them on the bottom part. None of them had a self-contained hydro tube built inside of the vaporizer itself. This made G Pen Roam, the go-to vaporizer if you want portability and water filtration at the same time.

Even though all the other ones have a rechargeable battery, none of them is as portable or discreet enough to be able to be used outside of your house. The hydro tube is housed inside the body of the vaporizer. So when your device is being used, the A-grade filtration system is discrete and not visible at all. The hydro tube attachment gets connected to the removable mouthpiece that sticks out of your Roam. You can use tap water and fill up to the line drawn in the water tube and it will be ready to use. All the instructions are user-friendly.


The designers at G Pen now have designed a vaporizer that is a step up to all the others out there. Not only the design is remarkable, but the user interface is also easy to use. The G Pen Roam has only three buttons. Two of them are for decreasing and increasing the desired temperature and the big one is for power. It also has an LCD mounted below the buttons. The display shows the temperature level, the power status, and other useful settings, like icons to let the user know heating up or when it is ready to be used. The interface of this Latest G Pen device is very easy to interact with. 

Temperature Specification

If you are thinking about buying a good vaporizer, then the G Pen Roam will be a worthy investment and one of the main reasons for that is having the ability to easily control the device. The Roam comes with diverse temperature specifications. After you made sure your Roam is fully changed and the water filter is filled up to its mark, you can turn your vaporizer on by simply tapping the power button 5 times. The temperature ranges from a minimum of 600 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change your current target temperature in 25 degrees increments by pressing the temperature button once. There is a secret maximum temperature that delivers all the power it has to heat up the concentration. You can achieve that by clicking the increase button once, right after you reach 800 degrees. This temperature can be used to burn off leftover residues of concentration from the chamber.

Dual Heat Mode

Unlike many other vaporizers on the market, the G Pen Roam is unique in its operation. The dual heat mode is just a big example of that. The G Pen Roam can be run in two different modes.

Automatic Mode
You can press the power button twice to activate this Auto heat mode. The Roam will heat up to the desired temperature and vibrate to signal when it is ready to be vaped. The vaporizer will stay hot for 30 seconds and will vibrate again to signal that the heat is deactivated. You can also heat the power button twice to deactivate that heat anytime you want before 30 seconds.

Manual Mode
Click and hold the power button to manually heat the Roam. The vaporizer will stay on this heat and vape continuously as long as you are holding the power button. Whenever you want the heating to get deactivated, just let go of the button.

This dual heating mode is a game-changer. Most of the time a buyer has to find the perfect vaporizer for their choice of mode. Sometimes they change their mind and there is usually nothing they can do, other than buying a vape with a different model altogether. G Pen Roam provides both of the modes in one piece, which provides the user with much more flexibility.

Unmatched Vapor Quality

It will only take a few minutes of you to use the Roam before you fall completely in love with this product. The water filtration system inside produces a very tasty and flavorful vapor. The temperature is so amazingly calibrated that all kinds of users will be able to obtain just enough and perfect punch and flavor from the hit. The vapor is rich and flavor dense at the same time.

Top-Notch Build

In most products, they usually sacrifice one of their features to work on the other. Having numerous best selling vaporizers under their belt, G Pen didn't sacrifice anything at all when it comes to their G Pen Roam. This vaporizer is so smooth and high tech yet is strong like a truck. Almost all the attachments are magnet-based.

The outer surface of the Roam has a matte-like finish, so it is almost certain that the vape will never accidentally fall out of your grip. The hydro tube for the water filtration system is made from high quality thick yet light glass. That will not crack under heat or pressure and the best thing about it is being spill-proof. That means no more worrying about having it in your pocket and constantly looking out for wet pants. Ladies, you can carry it with your purse and never have a concern about it at all. 


Quartz Tank

The Roam is built with highly durable quartz in the heating tank. It withstands very high temperature and helps out the flavor of your concentration much more profoundly. On the lower side of the temperature spectrum, you will be able to taste the full flavor of your loved concentrate. On the higher side, this quartz tank will produce much more vapor for the vapor lovers. The quartz tank is a very good heat conductor, so it is easy to heat up and cool down the tank, in a matter of seconds. This feature protects your concentrates from being wasted. With a 1300mAH Lithium-Ion battery this vape runs like a superman and charges from zero to a hundred in only 90 minutes.


In the world of vaping, G Pen is the top dog. If you want to get the latest vape with modern looking design, extreme functionality and overall the perfect product to take your vaping game to the next level, then don't wait. Join the G Life and experience the cutting edge technology and the exquisite build Roam has to offer. G Pen Roam is priced very reasonably and gives all other competitors a run for their money. It is a solid vape for the concentrate user to get the premium vapor with every draw. So you can't ever go wrong with a G Pen Roam.