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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Update 2021 

Volcano Hybrid New Ceramic-Coated Chamber 



The Volcano has been out for 20 years and has definitely made an impact on the vaporizer market, but the vapor from the Hybrid Volcano is so much better than all of the previous Volcano models. The Hybrid Volcano is a high-end vaporizer that will deliver the purest vapor you've ever inhaled in your life. 


Safety Issue Fixed 

The Storz & Bickel Hybrid Volcano’s updated ceramic coated heating chamber has an adapter ring that goes on top of the Volcano, it makes the vaporization more quick, thick and tasty. Do not to apply too much pressure and do not over tighten when screwing the filling chamber on to the Volcano Hybrid. See the Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid user manual for complete instructions on how to use and attach the filling chamber. 


Cleaning and Maintenance 

The Volcano is one of the easiest devices to take care of. Brush off the screens after each bowl and you don’t have to deep clean until after a couple months. For a deeper clean use a damp cloth to wipe over the parts of the filling chamber thoroughly and regularly. Run q-tips around the edges. The Hybrid Volcano includes one balloon with an adapter, so you can reuse the mouthpiece, and just change out the bags.


Heating Technology 

It is a ceramic coated aluminum filling chamber and it heats up with a faster heating time than all the other Volcanoes. You can use the Volcano Hybrid within 40 seconds because it has an integrated double helix heat exchanger that makes this process 100% safe. Do not leave your chamber sitting on the volcano when not in use because it will heat up without the fan on. The added conduction will cook your herbs, even if the fan is off.

High Quality Vapor

The Volcano Hybrid’s updated chamber delivers top-shelf performance and is built with a long lasting design that you will enjoy for many years. Storz & Bickel thought of everything from the design, to each material selected in order to meet medical specifications, receive electrical certifications, and pass manufacturer testing. 


Hybrid Volcano vs Digital Volcano

The Digital Volcano is a convection vaporizer, using hot air blowing through the herbs, and it heats up in about 4 minutes. The Hybrid Volcano is a combination of convection and conduction heating. Conduction heating uses a hot surface that radiates the heat. It only takes 40 seconds for the Hybrid Volcano to heat up!

The chamber on the Digital Volcano chamber just sits on top and can be easily knocked over by accident. The Hybrid Volcano’s herb chamber is improved, all you have to do is gently latch it on securely on the top of the heater. Do not over-tighten the filling chamber when screwing it on to the Volcano Hybrid and do not apply too much pressure. The Hybrid Volcano has a whip attachment that allows it to rotate freely on top of your Volcano’s loading chamber when you are using it with guests. You can also use your new Volcano Hybrid through water with a whip adapter. The power cord on the Hybrid Volcano is now detachable, this is a more durable design that we all love.

Ease of Use

When you are ready to vape, on the Digital Volcano press the red button to turn it on, and the green button to activate the hot air. Turn the air off, press the green air button when the balloon has filled. The Hybrid Volcano has a digital sleek touch interface and an app that’s easy to use. When blowing up the bag, you can stop when it's halfway full and take it off, you don't have to fill it all the way up. It depends on how much you want or if you are sharing. For the best quality, after you fill it up, finish it right away. If you wait longer than 5 minutes, the vapor gets a little less smooth and it will not taste as rich.

The filling chamber is to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. For the Digital Volcano use the Cleaning Brush to clean out excess material left on the Filling Chamber and to periodically change the screens as needed. The Hybrid cleaning process is basically the same, it is a low maintenance device because the only parts that you need to clean on a regular basis are the screen and the filling chamber. You can easily and quickly clean both using the included cleaning brush to dust off any residue. To clean the screens, we recommend using an ultrasonic cleaner with water and a squirt of soap. 


The Digital Volcano is not compatible with the App. Using the Hybrid Volcano you can control your device with the built in bluetooth app function. You can taste everything efficiently and turn off the heater from your phone. The app can also run custom temperature settings and times for filling up a balloon so you can extract and enjoy the tasty vapor in an infinite number of ways. You can also adjust the brightness, change the automatic shutoff time and get the device information.

The Hybrid Volcano delivers premium vapor quality. The smoothness is incredible and the hits can be as big or as small as you like. The potency of the vapor is mind blowing when you use higher temperatures but the heating technology in the Hybrid Volcano creates a tastier hit.



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The Volcano Hybrid is an improved and upgraded version of the Volcano Digital. The Hybrid Volcano delivers exceptional vapor quality and pure yummy taste from your favorite strains. We recommend the Hybrid Volcano because it has earned an A+ in flavor density, potency, and smoothness. The Hybrid Volcano is the highest quality vaping experience and a really good investment whether you use it everyday or part time. It’s great for sharing with friends and/or vaping solo because you can control how much vapor to enjoy from your favorite herbs and concentrates. You will experience exceptional taste no matter what temperature or bag size. What temperature is your go-to?