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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer 

Volcano Hybrid In Depth Product Review

The Volcano Hybrid has been dominating the market ever since its first release in 2019. The Volcano Hybrid has been a hot topic amongst our vape community for being a well-reputed product and known to deliver a premium vaping experience for its long term users The new Volcano Hybrid satisfied its expectations with futuristic and modern design and functionality.

The versatile design of the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer lets the user experience premium vapor by balloons and whip vaping. Perfect for users who want to experience the best there is to vaping with features like app compatibility, heating speed, and the convenience of sharing this experience with a group of friends.


Learn About the Volcano Hybrid

Storz and Bickel have previously created two desktop vaporizers making the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer the third of the desktop vaporizer series and the best amongst them. The previous generations of desktop vaporizers made by Storz and Bickel received rave reviews from the vape community. Storz and Bickel made many improvements on the previous model's concept, and created the Volcano Hybrid. The most critical part of this new design is the ability to enjoy premium vapor experience in two different ways, as a whip and also as a balloon.



The first thing that you notice about the Volcano Hybrid is its eye-catching features of perfect harmony between modernism and elegance is found in the design. The device has a touch screen LCD panel with very high sensitivity and accuracy. All the buttons and mechanical dials are replaced with a modern digital interface. This game-winning changes to the design make the Volcano Hybrid superior and convenient.

Specs and Features

The name of the Volcano Hybrid comes from the hybrid duel inhalation structure which enables both balloon as well as whip-style vaping. The digital display on the front side of the device is an LCD display with touch sensitivity. You can see the status and also control the device through this touch interface. The heater takes 100 watts of power. This is the perfect wattage to bring the flavor and quality vapor from the herb.

The time to heat up such an enormous device is considerably less. It takes somewhere from 60 to 120 seconds for the device to heat and be ready to use. The shape of the hybrid is similar to the previous Volcano models. But the touch interface is a total game-changer. You can easily see the temperature of the vapor on the screen and the power level. The control functions are easily accessible and modified with the aid of this new interface.



Always make sure that you have got an authentic product. We suggest buying it from well-reputed dealers. The box the product comes in has an authenticity seal. Check that to see if everything seems good on your end. After opening the box check out the goodies included in the package.

Right of the bat, you will see some extra premade easy valve bags that you can use with this unit. You will get cool volcano stickers for your car and limited edition metallic stickers. It comes with a user manual, where all the instructions are put together briefly. You will find a cleaning brush, extra screens and a liquid concentrate pad. The package also contains an extra air filter and a power cord to charge this bad boy up. After that, you will be getting to the good stuff.

Inside packed in a polybag you will find your main heating unit. All products from this company also come with a grinder. If you have a personal one already, it is advised not to use it because the result of this grinder is not that satisfactory.

Duel Inhalation

As mentioned earlier, the magic that sets the Volcano Hybrid apart from the rest of its competitors is the duel inhalation system. In the previous models, you could only find bags for vapor but this new and upgraded Volcano comes with an extra whip inhalation system along with the previous bag inhalation. When you use the whip to inhale the vapor, the long tube acts as a cooling system. This whip cools down the vapor and lets the user emphasize more on the vapor's lovely flavor than the heat.

Vapor Quality

If we are being honest, the vapor quality is undoubtedly the main reason behind buying a premium and exceptional vaporizer like the volcano hybrid. The quality of the vapor is phenomenal. With the ability of the device to be controlled very precisely, the user can choose just the right temperature of their liking. You can get a very wispy cloud with very little heat but packs a punch in the flavor department. Or you can choose to make a thick cloud that gobbles everything up. If you are in the game for flavor, then this device will fulfill your need with the very pure flavor from the herbs at low temperatures.

The way to differentiate between a premium quality vaporizer and a cheap badly built one is by the smoothness of vapor. And the volcano hybrid is a clear champion in this battle. Even at very high temperatures, the vapor is so smooth. You can take as big or as little hits you want, but you will still find the rich smooth vapor. You can also control the amount of output vapor by fan control. Both cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts will be happy with the Volcano Hybrid's overall vapor quality.

How to Use

Because of the hybrid quality, there are two simple ways to use the volcano hybrid. They are,

The heating chamber is placed on top of the heating unit. The chamber is protected by a heating chamber cap. To start waiting with the balloon you have to take that cap off and put your herbs inside the chamber. Then you will have to put that heating chamber on top of the warm air outlet. Then simply turn to the right.

After making sure that it is full or you have put sufficient herbs inside, turn it to the left and remove the balloon along with the chamber. Now to vape with the balloon, simply put your mouthpiece between your lips and start vaping.

The first few steps of both methods are absolutely the same. You have to take the cap off and put your herb inside. After it is filled, you simply turn to the left and remove the chamber. Make sure that your herbs are heated up to the perfect temperature of your liking. Then simply attach the whip to the filling chamber. Make sure to turn the pump off, inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy the vapor.



Now you can preheat your volcano hybrid with just a touch on the interface of the app. The most amazing thing is you can do this from anywhere as long as your app is connected to the device. The app also gives you control over the various functions of the Volcano Hybrid. You change the automatic shut off time of the device and you can also adjust the brightness or the temperature within the app's interface. Software developers at Storz and Bickel have done a magnificent job well done.

This app is connected to your device via Bluetooth. So as long as you are within the maximum range of the Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the app with your device. Within the app you can check the temperature, brightness, power, and fan speed of your volcano hybrid. It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.


The Volcano Hybrid chamber is recommended to be cleaned frequently and it’s a very easy task. Just like any other device, the frequency of cleaning depends on how often it is being used. All you need to clean this device is isopropyl alcohol. The filling chamber screen tends to need the most amount of cleaning. Cleaning it after each use will help you in the long run.

Just use the isopropyl alcohol to soak and then rinse everything off of it. Compared to the other vaporizer, the volcano hybrid requires very low maintenance. This is one of the reasons there are so many good volcano hybrid reviews from the vape community.


The height of the heating unit is 7.1 inches and the diameter of the unit is 7.9 inches. The volcano hybrid weighs somewhere around 6.5 lbs.


The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer will give you a vaping experience that no other vaporizer can provide but the price tag that comes with the volcano hybrid is not very cheap. You absolutely get what you pay for. The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is extremely efficient at producing high-quality vapor with extreme clouds and at low temperatures, the flavor of the vapor is incomparable. So if you are willing to spend some extra bucks for a premium quality desktop vaporizer, then volcano hybrid will be the best choice for you.

The duel inhalation system in the vaporizer is one of a kind and you get the choice of using both dry herbs and extracts on the vaporizer. The product is fully designed and manufactured in Germany with good durability and a three-year warranty.