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Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System

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  • High-Capacity 400mAh Variable-Voltage Battery
  • Fully Enclosed Chamber When Not In Use
  • Auto-Draw Activation
  • Fits 510-Thread Cartridges
  • Sleek, Pocket-Sized Design
  • Concealed, Spring-Loaded Chamber
  • Compatible With 11 mm Diameter Cartridges
  • Breath Activated
  • 4 Voltage Settings
  • 400mAh Battery
  • 60-Minute Charge Time
  • Designed In The USA

  Open the lid, drop the cartridge into the chamber, close the lid, and enjoy. An enclosed chamber provides discretion and protection during travel. The chamber also protects your cartridge from damage and sunlight exposure—preserving both flavor and potency. 

   The FLYTLAB Ctrl. delivers ultra discreet vaping sessions in a sleek, pocket-sized design. The Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System is a streamlined and discreet way for you to enjoy concentrate cartridges. This breath-activated vaporizer enables you to explore a variety of flavor profiles with four voltage settings: 3.4V (blue), 3.6V (yellow), 3.8V (purple), 4.0V (green, this is the default temperature). Gently tap the bottom of the device on any surface and the LED indicator will display battery life.


  • 1x Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x Cartridge


  1. Press the Lid Release Button on the side of the Ctrl. to open the chamber.
  2. Insert your half-gram or full-gram cartridge and close the lid. The default voltage is Green.
  3. To change the temperature, unlock the lid and remove the cartridge. The LED will cycle through the temperature options, when your desired level is lit insert the cartridge back into the chamber and close the lid.
  4. When you’re ready to enjoy vapor just inhale and you’re good to go.